15th CRYOGENICS 2019 / IIR International Conference / April 7 – 11, 2019 / Prague / Czech Republic

Technical Excursions


All technical tours will run on Thursday - April 11, 2019.
All excursions will take place simultaneously therefore you can register for one of them only.
Please register via the registration form.
Number of places is limited.
A bus transport will be provided, if you are going to use your own car, let us inform about it.

ELI Beamlines - Dolní Břežany

ELI Beamlines is part of the Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI) project, a new Research Infrastructure of pan-European interest and part of the European Strategy Forum on Research (ESFRI) Roadmap . The ELI Beamlines research center aspires to install and run the world's most intense laser system. The centre with ultra-high peak powers of 10 PW (petawatt) and focused intensities up to 1024 W/cm2 will offer unique sources of radiation and particle beams to users. These beamlines will enable groundbreaking research not only in the fields of physics and material science, but also in biomedical research and laboratory astrophysics.
ELI Beamlines is located in Dolní Břežany on the outskirts of Prague. (www.eli-beams.eu)

Capacity: 30 people
Date: Thursday - April 11, 2019 
Departure: 9:00 - from Olympik Hotel (TBC)
Return: 13:00-14:00

Cryochamber - Prague, Modřany


The first "polarium" opened in Prague = Kryocentrum Modřany (www.kryocentrum.cz).
The therapeutic cure called cryotherapy has an amazing effect on your body and soul:

- it improves the effectiveness of your immune system
- increases the concentration of many hormones
- has a positive effect on your psyche,
- improves your endurance and the resistance of your nervous system to fatigue and stress,
- accelerates your metabolism and the flushing of harmful substances

Participants have a chance to experience the "polarium" personally.
! If you want to try it, please bring your own socks, shorts and T-shirt.

Capacity: 20 people
Date: Thursday - April 11, 2019
Departure: 10:15 - from the Olympik Hotel
Return: 13:00-14:00

Chart Ferox - Děčín


Chart Ferox was founded in 1941 by Wilhelm Schmiding as a boiler factory. Later, the factory was subsequently integrated into state enterprises Škoda Group in 1958, KSB Group in 1961 and Brno-based Chepos Group in 1965. History of Cryogenics started in 1948 with air separation units. Ferox delivered 120 of air separation plants with capacities up to 1200 ton of oxygen/day. Since 1970, cryogenic storage tanks became important part of the product portfolio. In the process of privatization, Ferox was acquired by Air Products, UK, in 1992, and specialized onto cryogenic liquids storage and distribution equipment. Implementation of the quality standard ISO 9001 and entering fully onto European and international markets are characteristics of this period. Process of continuous improvement of quality and varieties of products got a new impulse after Ferox was acquired by Chart, a global company with a mirror product portfolio, in 1998.

The focus is on supplying equipment for the cryogenic storage and distribution of liquefied gases, including air gases (nitrogen, oxygen, argon), carbon dioxide (CO2) and liquefied natural gas (LNG). Chart Ferox produces 1500 cryogenic vacuum insulated tanks from 0,6 to 12000 m3 per year.
While cryogenic storage and distribution solutions for air gases (nitrogen, oxygen, argon) remain a core competency, Chart Ferox is paving the way for the adoption of LNG as a safe, economic and green alternative to diesel in Europe and beyond, such as:

- LNG multi-functional receiving terminals including jetty bunkering, filling hubs for road trailers and rail cars and regasification unit to cover local energy demand
- Bunkering and LNG fueling systems for marine vessels
- LNG virtual pipeline - bringing natural gas to areas not connected to the grid
- Developing the fueling infrastructure for natural gas vehicles
- Nitrogen vaporization and storage packages for floating LNG (FLNG)
- As a mutual project with VTG, Chart Ferox has developed a rail car for the safe transportation of LNG on Europe’s rail network.  

Capacity: 20-30 people
Date: Thursday - April 11, 2019
Departure: 9:00 - from the Olympik Hotel (TBC)
Return: 15:00-16:00

Department of Low Temperature Physics - Charles University in Prague

Laboratory 1: Quantum turbulence in superfluid 4He, study of vortex dynamics, sensors for cryogenic flow mechanics

Laboratory 2: Visualization of superfluid 4He flow, co-flow, counter-flow

Capacity: max 20 people in two groups
Date: Thursday - April 11, 2019
Departure: 9:00 - by public transport
End: 12:00 at the latest