15th CRYOGENICS 2019 / IIR International Conference / April 7 – 11, 2019 / Prague / Czech Republic

Commission A2

Commission A2:  Liquefaction & Separation of Gases

  • Liquid helium and helium resources
       Helium liquefaction systems
       Liquid helium in superconductivity
       Helium resources and economical use of helium
  • Air separation
       Air separation and liquefaction plants
       Process balance and control
       Heat exchange
       Cryogenic distillation
       Non-cryogenic air separation processes
       Air purification for separation processes
  • CO2 sequestration
       Capturing CO2 from air
    Terrestrial and geological sequestration
  • Liquefaction of natural gas (LNG)
       Gas purification for liquefaction
       Process plant balance and control
       LNG heat exchanger technology  
       Small scale liquefaction

  • LNG and other cryogenic fuels for vehicle and ship fueling
       LNG bunkering
    LNG/LCNG as a fuel for trucks, rail
  • Cryogenic energy storage
       Gas expansion machines
       Energy storage for renewable sources of energy
       Use of liquid air or liquid nitrogen
  • Liquid hydrogen
       Liquid hydrogen as a fuel for road and ship transport
       Storage and transport of Liquid Hydrogen
       Liquid hydrogen infrastructure
       Safety aspects of liquid hydrogen storage
  • Liquid nitrogen as refrigerant
       Liquid nitrogen cooling system for food transport
  • Rare gases
       Rare gases extraction
       Enrichment of rare gases concentrates
    Application of rare gases
  • Storage and distribution of cryogenic gases
       Storage tanks
       Mobile equipment (containers, trailers)
       Materials for use at low temperatures
       Insulation materials
       Standards and regulations