15th CRYOGENICS 2019 / IIR International Conference / April 7 – 11, 2019 / Prague / Czech Republic

Commission A1

Commission A1:  Cryophysics, cryoengineering

  • Cryogenics in particle physics
      Cryogenic particle detectors
      Cryogenic targets
      SC magnetic field generation
      Large or distributed cryogenic systems
  • Cryogenics for fusion
      SC magnetic field generation
      Cryogenic fusion targets
      Large or distributed cryogenic systems
  • Superconductivity and magnets
      Low and high temperature superconducting materials
      Critical properties of superconductors
      SC current leads
      Testing of superconducting magnets
  • HTC for power and grids
      SC power lines
      Fault current limiters
      HTSC electric machines and transformers
      Superconducting energy storage (SMES)
      Superconducting bearings
      Critical properties of superconductors
      Losses and efficiency measurement
  • Materials at low temperatures
      Properties of materials from room temperatures down to LHe temperatures
      Thermal and electrical conductivity
      Thermal conductivity of mechanical contacts
      Specific heat
      Mechanical properties
      Emission and absorption of thermal radiation
      Properties of liquids and gases
  • Cryostats and thermal insulation
      Bath and flow cryostats, zero boil off cryostats
      Cryostats for cryocoolers
      Cryogen free systems
      Transfer lines
      Structural materials for cryostats
      Insulations (MLI, radiation shields, foam, powder and aerogel insulations)
      Application of sorbents
      Convection phenomena in cryostats
      Thermo acoustic oscillations –mitigation, calculations and modelling
  • Very low temperatures and applications
      Refrigeration cycles
      Experimental techniques at very low temperatures
      Using of superfluid helium and He3
  • Cryogenics for electronics
      Miniature cryostats
      Flow cooling, heat exchangers and heat pipes
      Thermal and electrical contacting
      Non-metallic cryostats
  • Cryocoolers
      Refrigeration cycles
      Heat exchangers and regenerators
      Refrigerants and its mixtures
      Cryocoolers for recondensing (zero boill off)
      Temperature stability
      Solid state cooling
      Cryocoolers for cryogen free cryostats
      Testing of cryocoolers
  • Space cryogenics
      Space cryogenic instruments and systems
      Cryocoolers for space applications
      Cryo liquids and Dewars in zero gravity
      Radiative cooling and shielding